Skatterådgivning som ligger steget före





Swedish & International Corporate Taxation

  • Cross border establishments

  • Permanent establishment assessments

  • Restructuring, change of ownership and M&A

  • Tax calculation and tax due diligence

  • Transfer pricing and income allocation

  • Incentive programs



  • Company registration and tax registrations

  • Preparation and filing of VAT, excise duty, and income tax returns

  • Transfer pricing documentation


Real Estate

  • Real estate development and financing

  • Management of real estate

  • Structuring and real estate transactions


The Digital Economy & Crypto Currencies

  • Taxation of data centres and mining

  • Payment with and taxation of crypto currencies

  • The ”Gigg” economy


VAT, Customs & Excise Duties

  • Taxations of national and international transactions

  • VAT and real estate

  • Tax and cash flow optimisation

  • VAT in non-vatable or partially vatabel activity


Global mobility services

  • Receiving and dispatching personnel

  • Tax review of employment contracts

  • Gross and net wage calculation

  • Tax relief for foreign experts

  • Social contributions


Taxation of Individuals

  • Immigration and emigration

  • Income tax returns

  • Transactions with crypto currencies


Tax Audit & Litigation

  • Assistance with questions from the Tax Agency

  • Preparation before audits

  • Tax litigation

  • Deferment of payments and penalties

  • Dialogue with the Tax Agency and obtaining binding rulings


Staffing options for establishment in Sweden (Swedvest)